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Comparison of Randy Alcorn Heaven Bible Study Materials

What is the difference between the study guides available for the Heaven book? 

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Heaven Group
Discussion Guide


Heaven Small Group Discussion Guide

Heaven Study Guide

Heaven Bible Study Book by Randy Alcorn

Heaven Bible 
Study Workbook 
(David C. Cook)
Heaven Bible Study Guide by Randy Alcorn

Cost per book

Retail $10.00

Retail $15.99

Retail $10.99

Length of Study

7 Sessions
128 Pages

13 sections that can be adjusted to desired number of weeks
87 pages

6 Sessions 
128 Pages

Is there a DVD that goes with this guide?

Yes, the DVD with the Red Emblem on the Cover goes with this guide

No, but you would still benefit from either of  the DVDs

This book has a separate DVD companion

Book includes Leader’s Notes




Study follows the Heaven book in sequence




Need Heaven book to complete study

No – questions coincide with Randy Alcorn’s book 50 Days of Heaven; however, leader should have a copy of Heaven for reference



Additional books to enhance your study

The comprehensive book Heaven and/or the devotional book 50 Days of Heaven

  Need to have the series DVD. 
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Heaven Small Group Discussion Guide
--companion to the Heaven DVD with Red Emblem
Heaven Small Group Discussion Guide by Randy Alcorn
  • This 128-page group discussion guide provides 7 sessions.
  • Each session includes group questions and activities, scriptures for study, and questions and note space for personal reflection. 
  • Also includes leader notes, FAQs, and other group suggestions.
  • The group discussion sessions and reflection questions in the discussion guide coincide with the 50 Days of Heaven book. It is recommended that each group member have a 50 Days of Heaven book.

 View a sample excerpt (PDF) from the discussion guide.

Heaven Bible Study Guide -- Synchronizes with the big Heaven Book Chapter by Chapter

Heaven Study Guide by Randy Alcorn
  • This 87-page study guide features 13 sections that follow the chapters of the Heaven book
  • More than 250 thought-provoking questions (six questions per chapter and appendixes)
  • Helpful excerpts and Scripture references
  • A workbook format, so you can write directly in the book
  • Additional blank pages for discussion notes
  • This book does not accompany the Heaven DVD.

     View a sample excerpt (PDF) from the discussion guide.

     Heaven Study Guide by David C. Cook 
    Randy Alcorn Heaven Bible Study Guide
    • This is a 6-session, 128-page study guide, for individual or group study.
    • Each session offers small groups a chance to study, reflection, and respond to biblical truths about eternity.
    • Includes Group Tips and Leader Tips in each lesson. Also includes 175 Scriptures about Heaven for personal inductive study.
    • This study guide partners with Heaven: The Official Study Guide Video Series DVD.

     View a sample excerpt (PDF) from the discussion guide.

    Want to compare Randy Alcorn's DVD materials on Heaven? 

    Click to watch the 3 minute overview video for the Lifetogether and Lamplighter Media DVD