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The book of Romans was the apostle Paul's greatest theological work-his magnum opus-written to the church in Rome. During this 7-week study Pastor Greg Sidders takes us step-by-step through the truth of the Gospel as it relates to the topics of condemnation, justification, and sanctification.

Week by week, we will see Paul's doctrine revealed through the pages of Scripture. In the climax and resolution to the study, we discover how, having been freed from our bondage to sin, the Law, and death, we are to live new lives through the power of the Spirit. This study is a journey of discovery as God reveals his purposes for our lives.


#1. An Introduction to Romans
#2. Condemnation: Humanity's Need of Righteousness
#3. Justification: Salvation through Faith Alone
#4. Sanctification: Living Out Our Life of Righteousness
#5. God's Plan for His Chosen People Israel
#6. Living Out This New Life, Part 1
#7. Living Out This New Life, Part 2