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Witness the explosion of the Gospel message as the Spirit-filled and Spirit-empowered believers boldly proclaimed the message of salvation everywhere they went. Met by internal conflict and external persecution, the church was strengthened, forcing the Gospel out of its Jerusalem confines.

During this 8-session study, Erik Thoennes will discuss how the dramatic conversion of Saul set the stage for the expansion of the church to the Gentiles, a critical first step in Jesus' commission to take the Gospel to all nations. In the climax and resolution to the study, we will learn that despite Paul's persecution and imprisonment the Gospel is not bound as he continues to boldly proclaim God's good news, advancing it to the ends of the earth.


     #1.  Brilliant Beginnings
     #2.  Opposition and Expansion
     #3.  A Persecutor Turns Apostle
     #4.  Into All the World
     #5.  Peter's Deliverance
     #6.  Tradition Challenges Innovation: The Jerusalem Council
     #7.  Prison Evangelism: The Gospel is Not Bound
     #8.  To Rome and Beyond: The Gospel to the Ends of the Earth