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Even the most successful small groups struggle to balance all of God’s five-purposes within their groups. To help you have the most dynamic small group experience, we incorporate the five-purposes into all of our small group and Sunday School material.

– The foundation for spiritual growth is an intimate connection with God and His family. In this section you can connect with either the group via an ice-breaker question or check in with one or two of your group members (your spiritual partners).

– Here is where you come face-to-face with Christ during the Bible study. In a core Bible passage you’ll see Jesus in action, teaching or demonstrating some aspect of how he wants you to live.

DEVELOPING – God has designed you to uniquely serve Him. This section will help you discover and use your God-given talents through ministry and service.

SHARING – Often scary and misunderstood, this section will help you and your group share your faith in tangible ways with others. This doesn’t mean preaching on street corners, it could mean inviting new comers to a group or church service, hosting a group in your home, or participating in a mission project.

SURRENDERING – God is most pleased with our heart when it is truly His. In this section you will learn to surrender your heart through prayer and worship. You may read a Psalm together, or sing one of the worship songs found on the DVDs, or reflect and journal on a passage that touched you personally.

Leader Notes & Group Forms

Multi-session Bible Studies and Group Discussion Guides provide everything a leader needs for a successful small group. Guides include Leader Notes, Bible references, and tips to encourage group participation.

We recommend for each person in your group to have their own Bible Study (Group Discussion Guide) Books contain spiritual assessments, group forms, and room to take notes and journal personal reflections to maximize your spiritual growth.