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When Adam and Eve sinned in the garden, human-kind became separated from God. During this 7-week study, Pastor Dennis Keating will unfold God’s plan to restore humanity to perfect relationship with him through Abraham, David, and eventually through his son, Jesus Christ.

As you read, discuss, and reflect on the topic of each session, your confidence in God’s faithfulness will grow to new heights. This journey will increase your faith as you grow deeper in your relationship with God and others.


#1. The Promise Initiated
#2. The Promise Demonstrated: The Abrahamic Covenant
#3. The Promise Individualized: The Davidic Covenant
#4. The Promise Incarnated: The Arrival of the Messiah
#5. The Promise Fulfilled: The Death and Resurrection of the Messiah
#6. The Promise Realized in Believers: The Presence of God's Spirit
#7. The Promise Finalized