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Comparison of Heaven Bible Study DVD Materials

Lifetogether & Lamplighter Media DVD Sample
David C. Cook DVD Sample

What is the difference between the DVD study materials available for the Heaven book? 

Small Group
Bible Study DVD
Heaven Bible 
Study DVD
(David C. Cook)
Heaven Group Discussion DVD

Cost per DVD

Retail $19.99

Retail $24.99

Length of Videos

7 Sessions
Each Session is 10-12 minutes

6 Sessions 
Each Session is 10 - 15 minutes

What does the Guide look like?

Guide has the RED Emblem on the cover and looks like the DVD

Heaven Small Group Discussion Guide

 Guide is a different color than the DVD

Click here to look inside and compare the books

Does the DVD have Leader Notes or Prep Videos? 


There is Leader Training in the Leader Lifters Section of the DVD


Is there Worship?

3 songs with Terry Clark. with choreographed lyrics on the screen. 

6 optional worship songs

Is there a Prayer for Salvation (Alter Call) Video on the DVD?

There are 3 recorded messages (2 in English, 1 in Spanish)


Notes regarding the production of the content

Video content was shot on location in Portland Oregon. B-Roll footage includes Randy Alcorn with his family, walking the dog, and playing with his grandchildren.

Video content  was shot with Randy Alcorn teaching in a live church service.
Are there free Pastor resources for this study? Yes
There are free pastor resources that synchronize with this Bible study series. Resources include: Sermon Outlines for each session, PowerPoint templates and video segments that pastors can download and show during a church service.
There are not resources that synchronize with this Bible study series, however Eternal Perspective Ministries has free resources to help pastors teach on Heaven.
Are there free Small Group Leader resources for this study? Yes
There are free resources for Small Group Leaders including session outlines, giveaway promotional items like scripture memorization cards and book marks.
There are not resources for Leaders that synchronize with this study, however Eternal Perspective Ministries has a free resource with questions to Stimulate Groups Thinking About Heaven
Can I download the 1st video of the series for Free? Yes
Click to Download
Not at this time
Can I use the study during a 1-hour Sunday School Period Yes
The Bible study was designed to for small groups to be able to watch the video and go thru the Growing Portion (8 questions) of the study in 45 minutes. Approximate time to do each section is noted in the guides.
Bible verses are embedded in the questions so participants don't have to flip through the Bible to look up and read the verses. 

There are around 15-16 questions per session. Some of the questions require the group to look up 6-8 Bible verses for one question.
There is also paragraphs of commentary embedded in the questions which will require leaders or participants to read aloud.
It is not disclosed how much time is allocated for each section.

Can I use this study for a multi-generational church-wide campaign? Yes
This series was designed with church resources and synchronizes with curriculum for children & youth.
Is there a Leader Kit bundle to save money?

Click Here To Purchase the Leader Kit bundle and save 20%

Not on Amazon
Can I use this study for an Outreach event?

This study was designed so the 1st video could stand alone, present the Gospel and invite people into the kingdom of God. There is an Outreach Kit with ready to print Invite Tickets, Postcards & Posters.

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Watch the 3 minute overview video for the Heaven Small Group Study by Lifetogether and Lamplighter Media