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Ruth Leader Kit

Ruth Leader Kit

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The book of Ruth reveals the faithfulness and righteousness of a few (Ruth, Naomi, Boaz) during the period of the Judges, a time of unfaithfulness and turmoil in Israel.

Ruth’s unmatched commitment to her mother-in-law Naomi and her God establishes for us a pattern for unwavering, resolute faith in Christ. We must take up his cross and carry it willingly, making a solemn promise to allow nothing to separate us from him.

In this 4-session video Bible study with Bible scholar Joanne Jung, we see Ruth as an example of a woman with humility and faithfulness, courage and action, joy and promise.

Leader Kits provide everything a leader needs for a successful small group. The DVD includes Leader Lifters, short 3-4 minute coaching tips to watch before each session. Study guides include Leader Notes, Bible references, and tips to encourage group participation.

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