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Revelation Session #3 - Compromising Churches

Revelation Session #3 - Compromising Churches


Through his actions, Solomon compromised all that God had promised him for the sake of his own desires. Our study this week will reveal how the churches at Pergamum, Thyatira, Sardis and Laodicea were warned in the book of Revelation of the dangers of unfaithfulness.
Jesus addresses four more churches in Revelation 2–3: Pergamum is the ancient capital of Asia and is the origin of the English word, “parchment.” Thyatira is a military outpost known for having many trade guilds. Sardis is a city of great wealth and fame. Laodicea is another wealthy city with banks, a medical school, and a textile industry. These churches are compromising their beliefs, and Jesus points out this error throughout these verses.
(video segment is 14 minutes)

This video session covers Revelation 2:12-3:6 and 3:14-22 and includes session outlines (sermon starters).

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