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Revelation Session #2 - Suffering Believers

Revelation Session #2 - Suffering Believers


A man loyal to the Lord, Job had everything—a loving family, a prosperous business, and many good friends. Satan challenged Job’s faith in God, contending that Job’s faith was so strong because everything in his life was perfect. God allowed Satan to do his worst to Job, knowing all along that Job’s faith would withstand the testing. In the face of such horrible events as losing his family, the betrayal of his friends, and painful physical illness, Job maintained his devotion to God. In the end God restored Job—his righteousness rewarded.

Thankfully, believers will be rewarded with God’s promised eternal life and the victor’s crown as well, when we endure in the face of trials and testing. Two of the churches Jesus addressed in Revelation were Smyrna and Philadelphia. The letters to these churches reveal suffering churches trying to persevere in the face of trials and testing. (video segment is 12 minutes)

This video session covers Revelation 2:8-11 and 3:7-13 and includes session outlines (sermon starters).

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