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Psalms Session #1 - Psalms of Praise

Psalms Session #1 - Psalms of Praise


Praise is genuine expression of celebration for who God is and what he does. It’s how we communicate our joy and gratitude to God for his goodness, faithfulness, and righteousness. Psalms of praise, or hymns, celebrate God through words of adoration. Most, if not all, of the Psalms were originally written as lyrics set to music. Many praise Psalms even mention singing and the playing of instruments such as the harp and trumpet. In this session we’ll look closely at two praise Psalms to see what elements they contain and how they can train us to praise God more deeply. (video segment is 14 minutes)

This video session covers Psalms of praise (sometimes called hymns), that celebrate who God is and his provision for life, and includes session outlines (sermon starters).

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