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Heaven Session #5 - Glimpses into Heaven

Heaven Session #5 - Glimpses into Heaven


No doubt our God is creative. Just look at the world around us. There are over 4,600 recognized species of mammals alone, not to mention the countless numbers of other animals, plants, and insects that span the globe. There are majestic mountains, soaring waterfalls, gorgeous desert sunsets, and oceans teeming with vibrant life. Some people might even refer to a few places on this earth as “Paradise,” but no matter how beautiful this world is, it remains just a shadow of what is to come on the New Earth.

Many of us wonder what Heaven, or the New Earth, will look like. Will there be mountains, lakes, and deserts? Will there be animals? Some may ask, “Will we be the same people?” or “Will we eat and drink?”

Since Adam and Eve’s original sin, all of creation has been living under a “curse.” But God has promised us new heavens and a new earth upon which we will live without sin in the perfect creation that he intended for us since the beginning. (video segment is 11 minutes)

Individual video session includes Session Outlines / Sermon Starters.

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