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VIP Heaven Video Segments

Feel free to use these video segments during church services to compliment your sermon or to promote your small group study on Heaven.

Restrictions: Do not embed the videos in curriculum or re-purpose in any manner. Do not post the videos to the Internet or distribute digitally in any manner. Do not use the videos to promote your church or website.

Please contact our office (619-733-9218) if you would like to use the videos on your website to promote a church-wide campaign, Outreach event, or launch a small group study

Posting the videos to your website is permitted in the context of using the Heaven Small Group materials developed by LifeTogether & Lamplighter Media conditionally with backlinks to this website. 

There are 7 "man-on-the-street" segments each one correlating to one of the 7 small group sessions. We recommend using segments as "teasers" to the next small group session or sermon.

There are also 3 bonus segments you can choose from. 

Session Videos

Sesson #1 - What Will Heaven Look Like? (:42)

Download Link

Session #2 - How Do you Get to Heaven? (:42)

Download Link

Session #3 - Why is the Resurrection of Christ So Important? (1:45)

Download Link

Session #4 - Will There Be Politics in Heaven? (:52)

Download Link

Session #5 - Will There Be Eating & Drinking In Heaven? (1:15)

Download Link

Session #6 - Will There Be Marriage in Heaven? (2:29)

Download Link

Session #7 - Will Our Dreams Be Fulfilled in Heaven? (2:21)

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Bonus Videos

Bonus #1 - Being Heavenly Minded (:35)

Download Link

Bonus #2 - Treasures in Heaven (1:55)

Download Link

Bonus #3 - Will There Be Pets In Heaven? (1:11)

Download link

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