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Heaven Downloads

These resources are for pastors who would like to add "Man on the Street" clips to their services to spice up their sermons or to promote the study of the Heaven Small Group Curriculum produced by Lifetogether Publishing and Lamplighter Media in their small groups and Sunday Schools. 

These clips are not for commercial distribution or broadcast. They are not permitted for use to sell any products or services whatsoever, and you may not use them to create your own Heaven Curriculum.

If you are a church and would like special permission or circumstance, please contact the Lamplighter Media office @ 619-733-9218. 

Man on the Street Segments:

Session #1 - What Will Heaven Look Like? 

This is whimsical segment, with one of our favorite comments,

"Heaven will be whatever you want it to be.
If you want to sit around all day and eat cheese,
then you sit around all day and eat cheese." 

Session #2 - How Do You Get to Heaven?

This segment includes Randy Alcorn explaining,

"Five minutes after we die we are going
to know exactly how we should have lived." 


Session #3 - Why is the Resurrection Important?

This segment includes Randy Alcorn explaining, 

"Roman's 8 talks about how Christ's Resurrection is the guarantee that the whole creation that he has made will be resurrected."

Session #4 - Will there be Politics in Heaven?

This segment includes Randy Alcorn explaining, 

"There will be culture in Heaven and community."

Session #5 - Will There Be Animals in Heaven?

One of our favorite segments...
Session #6 - 
Session #7 -