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This is the 1st video in Randy Alcorn's Small Group Bible Study on Heaven. Feel free to download this video to share with your friends and family, church, Sunday School or small group. 

This session was designed to be a "stand alone" video suitable for single session group meetings or Outreach events. Read more information below on how to use this video for an outreach event or Small Group Bible Study.

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Click on the image or click here to access the video on our Vimeo channel. If you would like to download it to save to your computer there is a download icon in the upper right corner of the window.

As with all of our Bible studies, there are session outlines (also called Sermon Starters) available for Pastors and Group Leaders.

If you would like to download the notes for this session Click on this link to download Session Outlines.

How to Host an Outreach Event

This video was designed so it could stand alone as a single session study or to be used for Outreach Events. To use the video for an outreach event you can show the video during a church service followed by a sermon and an alter call.

If you want to publicize for your event and invite the community, the Outreach kit includes helpful resources including artwork for church bulletins, invite tickets, postcards and much more. Pre-printed posters, invite tickets and postcards can be customized with your event details using our Word templates and an inkjet printer

The Outreach Kit can also be used to launch a new small group or Bible study on Heaven.

Click on the link to read more about the contents.

How to Host a Heaven Small Group Bible Study

If you have never hosted a small group, no worries the Heaven Small Group curriculum (with the RED EMBLEM on the Cover) provides the group leader with tons of resources to start or sustain a dynamic small group.

Included on the video are short 3-4 minutes segments called Leader Lifters that give leaders tips on what to do during each group session.

You can click on this video to watch a sample Leader Lifter.



 To get started:

LEADERS - Order the Heaven Leader Kit (Heaven DVD & Discussion Guide) - There is only

one version of the Heaven study guide and we bundle it with the Randy Alcorn Heaven DVD so Leaders can save 20%. This is the minimum that a leader needs to host a Bible study on Heaven. (Click here to Bundle the Leader Kit). Click on the bundle to add the discounted items to your cart.

To use the curriculum in a small group setting, after you open your group in prayer you watch the 1st video session (approximately 12 minutes) then you go through the discussion guide as a group. The Group Discussion Guides utilizes the 5 Biblical Purposes (the Purpose-Driven Life Paradigm) for small groups to enhance fellowship, discipleship, ministry, evangelism and worship.

In between group sessions there are optional daily devotions that synchronize with the 50 Days of Heaven devotional. So after your first session participants canl do devotions #1 - #7. It is not mandatory to do the devotions, you can still have a satisfying experience watching the video and  participating in the discussion. There are also condensed devotions in the discussion guide, so it is not absolutely necessary to have a book, however for optimal study and personal growth we recommend for each household to have a copy. 

You can check out the 50 Days of Heaven Devotional and quantity break discounts at this link

CHURCHES - There are 3 options for churches who would like to use the curriculum in their church.








    1. Purchase the Heaven Church Kit (click here to see Church Kit)
    2. Purchase the Outreach Kit (click here to see Outreach Kit)
    3. Purchase the Leader Kit  (Click here to see the Leader Kit).

The Church kit includes a Resource CD with Session outlines and Sermon Outlines (that show the content and scripture references for each lesson) so Pastors and Teachers can prepare Sermons in alignment with the weekly group sessions. 

The Heaven Outreach Kit was designed to be a "stand alone" outreach event or a special launch session for the small group ministry. The kit comes with Postcards, Posters and Invite Tickets that can be customized with your event information. The Resource CD includes Word templates that can be customized and the materials are designed to feed through any inket printer.

Extending & Abbreviating Sessions:

For groups or Sunday schools who want to spread the Heaven curriculum over 14 or more weeks, we recommend doing the Heaven Small Group Curriculum on week 1 then encourage the members to do the daily devotions. On week 2 watch the first DVD session again and then open the time up for group sharing. Members can share from their Heaven study guide their reflections from the devotions.

The questions in the Heaven Discussion Guide are structured to last 75 - 90 minutes, but for groups or Sunday Schools who need to complete the content in a shorter period of time, Leaders can "cherry pick" questions to review with the group or split the curriculum into 2 weeks. In these cases we still recommend watching the video again in the split week or second session because there may be people who missed the first week and the video is produced in such a way so that each time you watch it you can glean something new.

If you have any questions regarding implementing the Randy Alcorn Small Group Bible Study on Heaven or would like to place an order over the phone, please feel free to contact our office 619-733-9218.