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Free Group Forms - Small Group Roster

Here is another free form from GroupSpice and Lifetogether Publishing. A small Group Roster is a great way to keep your group organized and promote a dynamic small group experience. Each time you begin a new study it is helpful to pass around the Small Group Roster. If your group rotates roles or participates in any of the church ministries, have your group members make notes.  

Many of these forms are also located in the appendix section of the Discussion Guides. We recommend that each person in your group has their own guide to take notes, journal their reflections, and make use of the Spiritual Assessments and progress reports.

Feel free to print out these 8 1/2" X 11" forms and distribute as you desire. If you have a special request or need assistance with the forms, contact our office. 619-733-9218.

There are 4 different colored forms and a form that prints with Black ink only.

Use the form however your group desires. You can pass the form around at the first session and then again when new people attend or you can pass around a form at the beginning of each group.

You can also use the form to submit to the church office or small group pastor. Click on the image to download a PDF document.