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Paul's purpose for writing the book of Ephesians was to provide the churches in Asia Minor a concise summary of God's plan of salvation and to encourage Jews and Gentiles to unity in the faith. The central theme is the divine purpose and plan of God in bringing redemption to his people and the practical outworking of that purpose in the life of the believer

In this 6-session study, Mike Meeks uses humor to explain how we are adopted, accepted, empowered and transformed from the inside out. Pastor Mike's amusing anecdotes from his life illustrate principles about spiritual warfare and the practical application of God's plan and principles in our lives.


#1. An Almighty God, a Glorious Church
#2. Before and After Christ
#3. God's Mystery Revealed
#4. Empowered to Live and Serve
#5. Living Responsibly
#6. Waging Spiritual Warfare