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Download Praying God's Way Videos & Pastor Resources Live

This is your VIP access page for the Praying God's Way resources.

If you have any questions or need additional resources please contact us by phone 619-733-9218 or click the Question Mark Icon located in the bottom right of the screen to send us an email. 
Free Video download the first video session that you can watch for your own enjoyment or use during a church service or Outreach event.  The video is approximately 12 minutes.
Sermon & Session Outlines – You can use these sermon outlines with scripture references to teach on Praying God's Way. The outlines synchronize with the Small Group Study if you would like to synchronize your sermons with the content that will be discussed during the small group or Sunday school session. Supplied as a Word document, you can easily add your notes when you prepare your sermon. There is also a pre-launch bonus session that you can use the week before the small groups start their study to encourage church members to join groups. 

Look Inside the Study Guide – You can review the very first session of the study guide along with all of the resources and group forms in the back of the book. 

Preview 44 Pages of the Guide


PowerPoint Slide Graphics – You can add some pizzazz to your sermons with multi media graphics. PowerPoint slides are pre-formatted so you can easily add text or highlight scriptures.

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