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Bonus James Leader VIP Access

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Session Outlines – As a leader you can get a 5,000 foot view of the Bible study and see outlines for each session with scripture documentation. Supplied as a Word document, you can easily add your notes when you prepare for your group session. There is also a pre-launch bonus session that you can use the first week of your study to encourage your group members and prepare the group for a dynamic group experience. If you are waiting for books or materials to arrive, this is an excellent session to inspire your group members.    

Video Segments – Download short video segments that can be used in a kick-off meeting with your small group or shown during a church service to announce your group study. Click on the Video Icon to download.


Small Group Agreement – This is a great way to ensure that everyone in the group shares the same purpose, values and expectations. We recommend to review the Small Group Agreement when beginning a new study.


Small Group Calendar – If your group like to rotate leaders or locations, a Small Group Calendar is a great way to keep everyone on track. Group Calendars are also useful for keeping track of birthdays, anniversaries and who is bringing the snacks.


Group Forms – These include more give-aways for your group including Prayer & Praise reports, Small Group Rosters and Bible Study Pages to encourage daily devotions or the study of Bible passages including the For Deeper Study sections of the group study.

And so much more....